Back In The Daaaay

Haha I remember my first day of Kindergarten. I painted with my hands and I ate apple slices. It was so simple. I loved playing on the playground, and in the winter my favourite thing to do was use the sleds! Our teacher asked us to write about what we loved during the winter, and I seriously wrote "Playing on the sleds at school!" It feels like an eternity ago, because I moved from where I grew up, but I still love thinking about 'back in the day'.

I think my favourite memory is all the simplicity. I never worried about our bills or Mom and Dad's job, I never freaked out because we didn't have enough money to fill the refrigerator (though I did freak out when I didn't have my favourite FOOD haha.) Friendships were easy compared to how they can be now. I believed everything my parents said. I believed most of what my friends said...unfortunately... Let's just say, once upon a time, I was told that boogers were really bugs covered in snot... Yes I did believe that for about two years, until someone told me otherwise. But ANYWAYS!

Faith was meant to be simple. Jesus encouraged childlike faith. Forget about all the difficulties life presents to us, and choose to believe that God has it all under control. That's what makes being an impossibility so much easier.

Choosing to go back to when my faith was simple,
Daddy's Little Girl

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