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I had an extremely busy weekend, and that's why I haven't published any new posts for the past two days. Today I was back to my normal routine, going to school, and on the way home I started thinking ("Oh no! She's thinking! What's gonna happen now?!" I promise its good :D)

As we drove home, we turned on HillSongs and the entire family started singing along in both praise and worship songs. That's always so cool, when the car is filled with words of adoration for God. I think it is such a blessing to live in a free country, where worship is allowed anytime and anyplace. But so often, our minds get in the way of worshipping God. Worship isn't always singing songs, its something the heart is doing all the time. It's an action of love and adoration. Whatever the focus of our hearts is, that's what we're worshipping. When my focus is God, that's what my heart is worshipping. When its on other things, then my worship is no longer God-focused. And God-focused worship is a big key to a successful God-walk.

David was considered a man after God's own heart. He wasn't perfect, I mean, he killed a man to have the man's wife as his own. And yet God still called him a man after His own heart. That's so cool. When I read through Psalms, I see that even though David's world is crumbling around him, he keeps God as his focus and gives him the glory all the time. That attitude of worship gained him the title "A man after God's own heart."

The prostitute who sat at Jesus' feet, anointed them with oil, and washed them with her tears and her hair, was commended for her great faith. In Bible times, a woman's hair was her pride and glory. The prostitute not only gave up her most prized possession, the expensive oil, but she dismantled her glory and laid it as His feet, literally. That would be grotesque. He walked in streets where animal feces was everywhere, where it was all dirt, and she used her hair (pride and glory) to wash them. Her attitude of worship (sitting at the Saviour's feet) gained her the title "Faithful". Her faith saved her, which in the original Hebrew meant "to save from diseases". Wow.

David worshipped as his world fell apart. The prostitute worshipped as the men around her judged her because of her imperfections. David was rejected because he was appointed by God to be the next mighty king. The prostitute was rejected because of her sin. But did God reject these worshippers? No. He saw past the outside skin, and saw hearts full of love and adoration. It didn't matter when, it didn't matter where, it didn't matter how.

That's what I want. I wanna be faithful and a woman after God's own heart, I wanna be the worshipper that God sees and says "Wow" to. I'm not there yet, I have just as much learning to do as the next guy, but I'm working on it, and its my heart's desire. That's what matters to God. And that's what's so cool for me.

Choosing once again to be an impossibility, in heart and in action,
Daddy's Girl

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