Get Loud With It!

They say actions speak louder than words. Today, there are so many people claiming to be on-fire Christians! That's awesome, and if its true, then wonderful! But our actions speak louder than our words. When we say "Ya I'm totally a Christian, Jesus is my everything," then live just like everyone else, we're not standing out.

I wanna stand out, I wanna be the technicolor in a gray world! If my actions don't line up with my words, then how am I supposed to do that? Its time we get loud with it. Not just verbally. Its time our actions reflect our words. Its time people stop and stare because we're WAY different than everyone else.

Like a neon sign screaming "OPEN" or a black sheep in the midst of hundreds of white ones, we need to be different. Our actions need to scream "I AM SAVED." Only then, can we truly be impossibilities. Otherwise, we're no different than those taking the easy path.

Christianity has been given a bad name because of actions that contradict words. Its been scoffed at and looked down upon because some Christians are so fake they smell like plastic. We don't have it all together, and that's where grace comes in. But the miracle of grace is a heart change. And an attitude change. And an action change.

So let's get loud. Let's use our actions to scream from the mountain-tops that we are the impossible generation, and that with God, nothing is impossible.

Getting loud with my faith,
Daddy's Girl

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