The Unknown...

As teens, we're all looking at our futures now. Whether it be college-wise, or just looking in to moving out and getting a job. My future never scared me before. But now that I'm looking at it seriously, I honestly am getting a bit frightened. I know that fear isn't of God, and I know that I'm not supposed to worry about my tomorrows. The thing is, I'm not "worrying" about tomorrow, I'm trying to set out a crude plan of what its gonna look like, so that I can start aiming my education in that direction.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God knows the plans He has for us, and that they're good plans. That's really reassuring. But how do we put those plans of His in action? I don't know yet. And as I'm walking out my life as an impossibility, I'm still learning. So I'll keep the assurance that God has great plans for me, and I'll give my future to Him, fully reliant upon Him.

Here I go. I'm seriously getting ready to start this major journey. I'm gonna try not to fear the unknown, because it is known. By God. He's the best Author of my future. So here goes it. Future, here I come! Better get ready for this impossibility, because God has great plans for me that'll prosper me and not harm me, that'll give me hope in this trek!

Living it out,
Daddy's Girl

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