Are You Talking To Yourself?

My brother talks to himself sometimes and I think it is the most hilarious thing in the whole wide world! Sure, I talk to myself A LOT, but hearing him do it is soooooo funny! Haha.

When I pray, I sometimes get distracted (especially if I'm in my room and my music is on and I'm not entirely focused) so I end up just talking to myself. My mind goes crazy what to wear to church on Sunday or what flavour candy I'm craving at that exact moment hahaha. It actually discourages me when I can't focus on prayer, because I feel out of touch from God. Is something wrong with me when I can't pray properly?

No, I'm just not "in my zone." The prayer zone, that is. Seriously, when I first started really praying, I felt like I was talking to myself ALL THE TIME. If I'm completely honest, I felt really silly about it. How am I supposed to pray without feeling silly?

Sometimes prayer can feel really religious to me. I don't wanna sit there and recite all this stuff that I hear the preachers saying all the time. Prayer is supposed to be personal. Its me and God, and I don't ever want it to feel just routine. So I've learned to talk to Him like a best friend. Nooo not an imaginary friend, a best friend. As if He's in the room with me, because in truth He really is. When I get in my prayer zone, I have to turn off my cell phone and leave my iPod off and walk away from the TV and computer. I get easily distracted, so its especially hard for me to zone in. My parents call it the "secret place".

I have this wonderfully large imagination :D Haha so when I imagine my secret place, I imagine a big forest. And in the middle of this big forest, there's a clearing. And in this clearing, waiting for me, is my Daddy (God). So I run through the forest and into the clearing and jump into His arms and just talk to Him. I guess a big imagination really isn't a bad thing after all ;)

Its not comfortable at first, I guess. And I do sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself. But I guess I have to keep in mind (and in my heart) that He's always there, so I'm not talking to myself, I'm talking to Him.

I guess this post was more spur of the moment than not :) Its hard to give stuff over to God if you don't even know how to talk to Him. But in choosing to be an impossibility, all of us have to keep in touch with the One who keeps everything possible.

Because being an impossibility is really worth it,
Daddy's Girl

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