Why Idleness Is Our Foe

Christianity can be so comfortably dangerous when we settle into a life of idleness and complacency. We feel like we're subject to a life of mediocrity, not allowing ourselves to dream beyond the self-inflicted boundaries we place in our lives. Where does the impossible come into this picture? It doesn't, unless you realize that idleness is our foe.

I am not saying that we should jump into action to attempt to earn our salvation, our Christianity, or our righteousness. But if we think that we're done after being saved by this miraculous grace, then we don't fully understand the grace that's been given to us. If we believe that this is the extent of what God has planned for us, then we haven't let grace work its full miracle in our lives. It is grace that empowers us to do the impossible.

Satan cringes when people who understand who they are in Christ wake up in the morning. He runs when he sees people who know the fullness of God's love and let it transform their lives. He screams in terror when we let grace empower us to do the impossible. So, he uses his greatest weapon to keep us from doing just that. He uses idleness.

How will I be strong if I'm always on the couch? How will I talk to people if I'm holed up in a home? It isn't possible to accomplish anything through idleness, and yet we believe that we're confined to that lifestyle! It's a lie! And Satan thrives in it. Ouch. I really would rather he doesn't thrive.

So now what?

Here's my encouragement to you. Let your inner-child come out. Your superhero wannabe-ness was placed there for a reason. Your great imagination is in your life to help you achieve the impossible.

There are vast lands of grace and love to explore. There are deep waters of forgiveness and redemption to be consumed by. There are enormous forests full of learning to get lost in. Many of us thrive on adventure, and now is our time to experience it in its fullest capacity. And even then, we'll have only scratched the surface. But with our eyes heavenward, we'll begin this exhilarating trek into unknown territory. Hopefully, we'll lead others as well.

Trust Him, He'll lead you. He knows the plans He has for you, plans to prosper you and never to harm you. Plans that will give you hope and a future. Plans that do not involve idleness. Join me in my adventure. Join me in believing Him. I dare you.

Daddy's Girl

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