No, We Don't Stone People. We Just Verbally Assassinate Them Now.

Like a square trying to fit where only a triangle belongs, Christians choosing to walk the God-walk aren't meant to fit in the world's mold. Sometimes, that's really frustrating. Especially when we have friends who fit in the world's mold, even though they've given their hearts to Christ.

Of course we're going to have the occasional desire to give in. And we're working on that. But the thing that can be found most difficult for any of us is when our own friends ask us to set aside our standards and just "let our hair down". Our hair is down, thank you very much. We have fun all the time, without compromising. People don't toss stones at us anymore. No, instead they verbally assasinate us.

We have boundaries to protect. We have God to please. We have morals to preserve. It's not that we don't like saying no. It's that we all hate feeling rejected. Which is silly, because we're the ones "rejecting" them to a certain degree. See how illogically we begin to think when fear rules? Ahhnn.

It's always smart to surround ourselves with Godly friends, but we're going to have friends who aren't. And that's fine.

I've learned after two years of walking out the rejection side of things, it isn't that bad. Jesus warned us that we'd be persecuted too. Most of my friends know my boundaries, and they know better than to try to push them. But we all still need to work on our self-esteem. We're supposed to be impossibiltes, so we don't want to give in to what the world so desperately wants to see us do.

So people can stare all they want. They can mock us, tell us we're not preachers so stop preaching, make fun of us, ignore us, spit in our faces, whatever. If God is for us, who can be against us? Persecution is normal. At least we know now that if we're being persecuted, we're not fitting in with the ones we'd rather not stink like.

So as I dared you to believe God, I'm daring you now to believe specifically that "even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death (dealing with persecution, temptation, and rejection), you will fear no evil. For God is with you, His rod and His staff, they comfort you." Seriously. I dare you. For the rest of March, decide to take a stand. I will too. Collectively as a group we'll become impossibilities that make people do a double take. Join me?

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will NOT hurt me. I'm a child of the King, and persecution is fine by me.
Daddy's Girl

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