Is He In A Different Time Zone?

God timing. Ahh it's crazy sometimes. I've shaken my fist at God before, asking Him why He hasn't showed up yet. And every time I've done so, a miracle tends to come along that was at the most perfect timing. My time zone is obviously much different than His, seeing as He doesn't actually have a time zone, He just has a plan for everything. So when He shows up "late" on my terms, I've learned that He's not late, I'm just being impatient. His timing is the best timing. So I figure I'll give you an example.

I don't remember what day it was, but my mom, my brother, and I were driving home from some event or outing. As we came closer to home, we saw a tow truck backing up to our little green Miata. My mom mumbled something under her breath and kept driving. I was slightly in the dark, but I knew a storm was brewing and I was curious as to what was actually going on. After circling the block, we pulled into the driveway, and we found out what had happened. Unknown to me, we had a loan on our small green convertible.
A private loan.
A loan we never even made a payment on.
Our financial situation at the time was in a bad state. The loaner nor the loanee (my father) never made contact. Thus resulting in a mess. A mess that took a car from us. A mess that made me livid. Not with my father, not with the loaner, not even with Satan.
With God.

Most of us are familiar with anger towards God at some point in our lives. No, its not right. Yes, it is common. Again, though, it is not right. Upon realizing why exactly we were down to one car, (and that one car in and of itself was a miracle) I went to my bedroom. I slammed my door, which is extremely uncommon for me, and I cried. Not self-pity tears, not sorrowful tears. Angry tears. I wasn't sure exactly who I was mad at until my mom came in and asked me if I was ok. I told her I was mad. "At who?" she asked. The thought didn't even enter my mind until the words exited my mouth! "God." I replied. My family handled everything alright, they all kept on trusting in God, but I was mad. Yet again, I let flesh rule, and Satan had his way, unfortunately.

When I'm truly angry, I purse my lips. I'm not certain where I caught that habit, but I do. I looked like I had just eaten a lemon, my lips were so pursed. I didn't say much about it the rest of the night, until I coincidentally (No, I don't believe in coincidences, I believe everything is God-ordained) landed upon a verse. Actually, a story. About Lazareth and his sisters. And how one of the sisters said Jesus showed up too late.

In that moment, I understood two things. First, that I was angry because I thought God had shown up late. Second, I was being irrational because God never shows up late. Immediately after reading the verse, I told my mom. I'm sure she was relieved to hear that I was done giving God the cold shoulder. In that verse, even after Jesus was yelled at for not showing up on time, He prayed to God and gave Him the glory for it. Then, He raised Lazareth from the dead.

Three days after I shook my fist at God, we got some amazing news. A truck was being given to us. My daddy's always wanted a truck.
Maybe I'm bias, but that is a beautiful truck. It slightly embarasses me when I think of the events leading up to it, because I wasn't fair to God at all. He's amazing, and He's constantly working in the miracle business. My point in all of this is simple. God doesn't work on our watches. And He is never too late. True faith in God is believing that regardless of what circumstances are thrown at you, you know He is working on your behalf to make your circumstances line up with His promises for us. Because He's going to show up, He always will. Have faith in God. So as an impossible generation, I dare you to believe Him. Care to take the challenge?

Daddy's Girl

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