Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall. Why Do You Always Cause Me to Fall?

Insecurity. It makes me cringe. Especially as a girl, I face insecurity every day. Its like a monster that appears at my door every morning and continues to knock. Insecurity does things to us that make no sense when looking back. It throws a sheet over our eyes and whispers terrible lies in our ears. It puts us in a place of desperation. The term "insecurity" says it all. It takes us out of our safe place and makes us vulnerable.

I know that insecurity isn't just about looks. A person can be insecure about their personality (been there, done that, got the t-shirt, it wasn't fun). Or their family, or their talents, or their lack of talents. It all hurts, no matter how big or how little the circumstance of insecurity is.

When I struggled with my appearance, it was hard for me to find a place of understanding that God created me the way I am, and He likes me this way. God doesn't make anything short of beauty, He's the type of guy who appreciates beauty to its fullest capacity. Just look at the stars at night, they were hand crafted by our awesome God. And so were you and I.

Hollywood, media, and society all have given us an image of what they believe to be real beauty. Too skinny, with lots of plastic surgery done, with perfect skin and great hair. All of it's wrong. God created beauty, He knows best.

So as we all struggle with insecurity, I challenge you to take your eyes off the mirror, and put them on God. If you think that you're too tall, too short, too skinny, too wide, or anything else, remember that God made you that way. Do you really think he would mess up? I don't.

The following video was done by Dove to show us how our view of beauty truly is distorted...

Finding security in His arms,
Daddy's Girl

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