The Impossible Warriors (continued)

I must defeat the Defeat before the Defeat defeats me. For if I'm defeated, then who will slay the dragon? We all say someone else will do it. But if that's what we all say, then who is that someone going to be? If we all sit down, hoping one person may stand, who will stand?

We're captured in this terrible cycle of defeat, willing to lay down and take the beating because it is easier to be defeated than defeat the monster. Victory is already ours. We just have to walk it out. But we toss aside our victory for an easier journey, willing to be kicked in the gut once and give up.

So I will lead. I will defeat the Defeat through Jesus' strength. And I will walk out my victory, willing to receive an occasional bloodied lip. I will put on my armor, the armor that God graciously provided for all of us.

Defeat's shadow stretches so far, darkening the horizon. It appears so fierce. But through the Son, I have become a daughter of Light. And as I go into battle, I'll carry that Light with me. The Defeat really isn't that scary. Where there is Light there can be no darkness. Defeat's shadow will shrink and its true size will be revealed. Then, with the weapons I wield through Christ, I'll take it out.

My victory through the Blood of the Lamb will bring one reaction: praise, because my Shepherd has once again kept me safe.

By faith, I'll march on. I'll allow God to us me as an example. An example of the love that conquers all, including Defeat itself. What better prize than showing others exactly what it means to be an Impossibility. What better reward than following Christ out on the water, showing others what it's like to not only keep my head above water but walk on it!

"Here I am Lord!" I cry. "Use me!"

The Lover of my soul has not only saved me from eternal death. He has put me in a place of righteousness. He has given me tools for success.

No, I will not be defeated. Not when the Keeper of my heart has won the war for me already. I will not toss aside the gift given to me through grace.

Defeat may look like a mountain. But I can move mountains. Because nothing is impossible with God.

Defeating the defeat,
Daddy's Girl

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