One Spark Can Start A Fire

When someone is passionate, you can see the fire burning in their eyes. When we stand for something and truly love it, our entire being oozes out that adoration, commitment, and devotion to whatever it may be. I know that when my Daddy starts talking about God, his excitement becomes infectious. Passion is like a fire that you can’t help but catch!

But passion must be a wholehearted thing to be infectious like that. If I sat here and tried to tell you that Mary is a better name than Martha, there would be a lack of passion in those words because I lack confidence in my argument. How can I convince you of that if I myself am doubting what I want you to believe?

As Christians, we really need to be passionate. If our fire is just dim embers, how can we light other people’s fires? We can’t, it just doesn’t work that way. Do you believe in the love that your Father has for you? If you don’t know it beyond a shadow of a doubt, you’re going to really struggle in showing other people how awesome and amazing His love is.

And His love is just that. Awesome and amazing. I lose my breath when I think of how great He is and how much love He has for me. Extraordinary. Marvelous. Outstanding. Remarkable. Phenomenal. All the words in the world, in all the languages we have, could never even scratch the surface of His attributes.

We get to serve a God like that. So big and so omnipotent, yet so tender and so kind. The one and only. His heart breaks for the lost, leaps for the found, and loves without limits. Never doubt that He wants you.

We are the Impossibilities that get to serve such a God. We are the generation that gets to catch the fire and spread it. Let’s start a wild fire, completely and totally out of our control. Let’s bring down the walls of religion, the boundaries of the Law, and let’s let a Holy fire loose. Get passionate. Start a fire (not literally, please!). Spread that fire. Nothing can put it out, not if you keep it burning.

Have you ever noticed that after a fire has gone through somewhere, that place doesn’t look the same. That’s what we can do with our passion-birthed fire! We can totally transform our schools, our cities, our states, our countries, our WORLD!

So maybe I dream big. Maybe I long for this world to be overwhelmingly populated with passionate Impossibilities, thus causing a shift in modern day life. But maybe, if we could all understand what we believe, become passionate about it, and show that passion to others, maybe we could do just that.
I know it sounds impossible. But aren’t we supposed to be the Impossibilities, achieving exactly that through God? I believe so. I hope you do too.

Catch the fire. Start one with me. Let’s change the world.

Daddy’s Girl

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