It's Good For a Reason

She was anorexic. Blind to her natural beauty. Starving herself to appease her need to be in control of at least one thing in life.

He was depressed. Unable to feel any emotion beyond sadness. Cutting himself to divert the pain at least momentarily.

She was flirty. Rejected by her father. Running to any other male figure that might fill the void for just a while.

He was an alcoholic. Terrified of life's problems. Drowning out the world with a bottle of whiskey in the company of strangers.

She was obsessed with work. Needing to prove herself to the world. Wishing that she could just live up to the expectations of her parents.

He was a rebel. Pretended nothing bothered him. Never let anyone close enough to see his true feelings.

She was broken.

He was broken.

And God saw them. 

So God did what He saw fit. He sent the Prize of heaven, His only Son. He let His Son take it all on the cross.

And Jesus died. And then He rose again.

Eternity then became accessible for the broken. God then became available for the broken. Healing then became optional for the broken. 

And the broken came to Him.

And He was known as Love. 

Love appeased her need to be in control.

Love eased the pain and brought joy to him.

Love accepted her and filled the void.

Love made his fear virtually nonexistent.

Love proved to her she didn't need to prove herself.

Love showed him feelings were okay to have.

1 Corinthians 13:8a, "Love never fails." 
And so, Good Friday is called good for a reason.

Daddy's Girl

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