What Is It Really?

Christianity. Hmm. What is it really???

For the first ten years of my life, being a Christian was just who I was. All my friends were Christians. We all prayed and sang songs about Jesus and memorized verses. That's what it was all about, right? Then life became a little more difficult. My two options were to run or to step up to the plate. I took the latter. I was never perfect, I never will be perfect, but I chose to get a little more serious about this whole Jesus thing. Every year, my relationship became a little more intimate. In 2009, my Christianity became more than I ever expected it to be.

"Fire insurance" is a great bonus in being a Christ-follower. The blessings God pours out on us is cool as well. But having a close, intimate relationship is far greater than both of those. That's what Christianity is all about. I'm no better than the next girl, I don't have life all figured out, but I have one thing that I am absolutely certain about, and that is this: My Creator loves me deeply, and He longs just as I do to have a wonderful relationship with me.

Once I stopped looking for His hand (all His blessings) and started seeking His face, everything became a little bit clearer. Why did Jesus really die on the cross for me? This right here, my realtionship with God, is why. Wow. WOW. He's become so much more to me than a "Higher Power". It's so amazing and wonderful. Anyone and everyone can have it; God desires to have it with each of us. It's not about deserving it, it's not about earning it, it's not rules, regulations, and laws. It's something that was truly meant to be from the beginning of time. God walked with Adam in the Garden, He wants to have a close walk with us. Once we realize that, once we accept that, once we willingly choose to go past "fire insurance", we can have that intimate walk with Him that He desires.

I'm a communicator (that would be a polite word for motor-mouth!) I have so much to say, and I'm sure you've noticed that in my many-worded posts. When it comes to God's love, though, my words are not enough. I'm now at a place where I crave His love. I hunger and thirst for His attention. And He constantly meets those needs, if I let Him. More of Him, less of me. Assurance of my salvation is no longer enough. Forgiveness of my sins does not cut it anymore. I desire His love. That's Christianity. Being fulfilled with that love.

Perfect. Beautiful. Passionate. Intimate. All consuming. More than enough. Great. Wonderful Amazing. Breath taking. Never ending. Deep. Desirable.

When I truly think about His love for me, I feel like I'm drowning. It engulfs me, it engulfs all of us. Whether we feel it consuming us or not is our choice. Choices, He's given us choices in everything. To make us all different, so that we aren't robots. I have my own unique personality. And because of that, we can all worship God in a different way. 

As an impossibility, I'm not only walking the God-walk, I'm walking the God-walk in total wonder and adoration of Who that God that I'm walking for is. That's what Christianity is. Its not just fire insurance. It's following after Christ and getting to be a part of the awesome romance God wants to have with all of us. Understanding that makes being an impossibility all the better. If we can all understand that now as teenagers, we'll be able to move and shake this world like never before. Because we're the next generation of presidents, managers, business owners, motivational speakers, ministers, singers, actors, movie producers doctors, talk-show hosts, and lawyers. Can you imagine what all of that would be like if we understood what Christianity really is? It'd be revolutionizing. And in my honest opinion, we need some revolutionizing in this nation. 

Choosing to be an impossibility, totally surrendered to His love, and ready to revolutionize, 

Daddy's Girl

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