So the Storm is Here...Now What?

I woke up this morning and just about rolled over and went back to bed. The weather is very rainy today, and when it rains I always feel lazy. That plus the fact that it still looked like it was five in the morning outside made for a very difficult effort in getting out of bed. I love rain. Its great weather to curl up with hot chocolate or ice cream (or both) and just watch a movie with. Or, if my parents allow it, and if I'm feeling courageous enough to actually go for it with our wild storms here, I like to go outside and play in the rain.

Most of us have heard the story about Jesus in the boat calming the storm. That's awesome that He spoke to the storm, and in life, we know that we can speak to the storms that turmoil inside of us as well. But what about the disciples? They panicked during the storm. They really truly freaked out. Life is going to throw storms at us. For my family and I, it was a lot of financial dishevel. And that's ok, because I learned that if you don't dance in the rain, you lose all that precious time.

David praised His God in the streets, dancing like an idiot. I'm sure if it had rained, he would have continued dancing. That's the sort of attitude I want to have. When life is throwing storms at me left, right, and center, I want to dance like David did, praising God regardless, even in the rain.

Today I don't plan on literally dancing in the rain. I did my hair this morning... I'd rather not mess it up haha. But I will dance in the storms of life when they come by. When we keep an attitude of praise even in the storms, people notice. They wonder why you're smiling even though you're going through the proverbial wringer. That's when being an impossibility is fun, because we get to share the love that God gave us through that. Actions speak louder than words, and I'm pretty sure dancing in the rain is an action. So let's get loud about our faith.

An impossibility choosing to dance in the rain,
Daddy's Girl

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JaKyler said...

i used to play in the rain all the time, it fun hahaha, and i actually dont ind getting wet

Anonymous said...

Playing in the rain is THE BEST. If I could I would live in the rain... But of course I would get sick eventualy. :(
And its pretty darn cold too.
Nice post jordan, yet again :D

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